A little maintenance of steel doors goes a long way

While there is very little maintenance of steel doors required, there are a few things you can do to make sure the great look of your steel door stays that way.


Maintenance of Steel Doors

One thing you should do for the maintenance of steel doors is to clean the door and frame periodically. Use a mild soap and a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt from the door. Do not use strong or abrasive cleaners, as they could damage the finish of the door.

Part of your maintenance of steel doors plan should be to check on the weather stripping periodically as well. It should be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner, and lubricated around four times a year with a silicone lubricant. Do not use lubricants made from petroleum products, as they will dry out the weather stripping. You should also inspect the weather stripping for signs of deterioration such as splitting or cracking. If it looks worn out, replace it.

For your safety, the maintenance of steel doors should also include inspection of the door assembly as well. Hinges should be inspected for attaching screws that are loose and wear and tear on the hinge pin. A problem with the hinges could obstruct the opening of the door. You should also check the lock for smooth operation, and check that a self-latching door closes without any additional force.

Last on your checklist for maintenance of steel doors is to ensure the glass in the door or in the sidelites or transoms are secure and free of cracks or damage.

By performing these simple tasks, the maintenance of steel doors will be simple for many years.