Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows

When you’re updating your home you’ll have to consider the advantages of aluminum vs vinyl windows. As in many aspects of remodeling your home there are decisions to make.


Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows

The research is balanced in a choice between aluminum vs vinyl windows, so in the long run your decision may come down to ‘the look’ or an intuitive feeling about what best suits your home. It’s a bit like the apples or oranges question.

When considering aluminum vs vinyl windows you will want to look at maintenance.  Both types of windows are relatively maintenance free and in choosing either one you avoid the painting that is necessary with more expensive wooden windows.

We are all concerned about energy efficiency these days. When we consider aluminum vs vinyl in this area it seems that vinyl may be more energy efficient than aluminum with more studies suggesting that vinyl windows will save you more on your heating and cooling costs.

Gone are the days when aluminum windows meant those silvery window frames that get pitted with age and drip with moisture around their edges. You can rest assured these days that when you’re comparing aluminum vs vinyl for replacing your windows you can choose comfortably from either product.

We sell only top of the line replacement windows. When you’re comparing the aluminum vs vinyl windows we install, you can be certain that you are getting a quality product installed by a firm that stands behind our work and the replacement windows we sell.