Exterior Doors in Toronto

There are many different options for exterior doors in Toronto. The best option would be a steel door; they require little maintenance, improve safety and are energy efficient.


Exterior Doors in Toronto

Using steel exterior doors in Toronto can save you money on your energy bills. Most of the doors provided by EuroStar are fully weather-stripped and all have foam core insulation, ensuring that summer heat and winter chills stay outside. These steel doors are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. EuroStar also offers the choice of steel combined with other materials, such as a door with a wood frame and steel interior.

If you’ve decided on steel exterior doors in Toronto, the door can be customized to suit the style of your home that’s affordable. Choose from many different finishes including a shiny finish and a wood finish.  The door can come pre-primed and ready to be painted or the colour can be chosen prior to receiving it. For added class to exterior doors in Toronto, glass panels can be added around the frame. They come in different shapes including square top and oval along with clear and frosted glass.

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Steel exterior doors in Toronto are extremely easy to maintain and clean. The door frame should be cleaned with mild soap and a soft bristle brush. Avoid abrasive cleaners to ensure the finish is not damaged on the door. Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the weather stripping roughly four times a year and lubricate. Avoid lubricants made from petroleum products; they will dry out the weather stripping. Always remember to inspect your EuroStar door to ensure the glass, sidelites and transoms are in good condition. Following these easy maintenance tips will keep your exterior doors in Toronto attractive and long lasting.

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