Exterior Steel Doors Bring Style and Security to Your Home

Exterior steel doors are often the focal point when visitors first arrive at your home. They set a tone for the rest of the house around them. Doors are also the first place burglars will look to gain illegal entry into your home. Thus, you need exterior steel doors that are both attractive and burglarproof.


Exterio Steel Doors

Exterior steel doors are sturdier than wood and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Some doors come already painted while others are already pre-primed and ready for you to paint an appropriate color for your home. Other exterior steel doors come with a wood grain surface feel. Depending on the size of the door entry and your budget, you can include glass panels to your door or surrounding frame assembly, in several shapes including square top and oval, and in clear and frosted varieties.

Since the majority of break-ins are accomplished through the door of your home, it is vital to have a door that can resist break-ins. Exterior steel doors are seven times more resistant to break-ins than their wood counterparts, and are even more burglarproof when installed with a steel security frame. Steel frames should be made from at least 18-gauge steel, and reinforced at the key stress points – corners, hinges, and strikes. The frame works best when anchored to the wall to manufacturer’s specifications. The wall structure around the doorframe should be double-studded wood, concrete, or brick. The steel exterior doors themselves should be 20-gauge steel or better, and should meet the specifications of the Canadian General Standards Board.

Exterior steel doors are an investment that will bring both elegance and safety to your home. Click here for our showrooms