Exterior steel double doors stylish and convenient

Exterior steel double doors are an attractive and functional design for your home. The double doors offer a wider point of entry access. This can be handy when transporting larger objects through your doors or simply to create a more impressive
entrance to your home.


Exterior Steel Double Doors

Choosing exterior steel double doors is a great choice for your home. A door made from steel will not warp, crack, or fall apart. Steel doors have been proven to be stronger and more durable than doors made from wood or fiberglass.

While very functional, exterior steel double doors tend not to be as strong as single doors because of the wider opening and are more susceptible to damage from high winds. If the doors do not hold in the face of strong winds, it could result in damage to your home or injuries to your family members.

The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends the following additions to exterior steel double doors:

  • Install longer hinge attachment screws in both doors as well as the door frame.
  • Replace your existing deadbolt lock with a stronger heavy-duty deadbolt. Such locks have thicker and longer bolts, heavier
    strike plates, and heavier mounting hardware.
  • Install side bolts at the top and bottom of the door you use less often, and keep both of these side bolts locked when you are only using one door.

If you currently have older wood or fiberglass doors, you should consider upgrading to exterior steel double doors. Most steel doors are more affordable than comparable wood models.

Exterior steel double doors are a great investment in your home.