French doors: Steel is stylish, secure, efficient

Installing French doors of steel in your home is a stylish and attractive way to increase the amount of light in your home without sacrificing energy efficiency or security.


French Doors Steel

The term French door refers to a door that has multiple windows set into the full length of the door, although there are some designs that contain one large window or a combination of several windows with a pattern designed into the bottom of the French door. Steel is one option for material used to make these doors, with more traditional wood being another popular choice. While the traditional design for French doors is a double door design, single French doors are also rising in popularity.

French doors made of steel make a dynamic statement as an entranceway to your home, or out to your patio or back garden. They add a sense of style to both the exterior and interior of your home, while opening up your living space with bright natural light of the sun.

Energy efficiency is another great quality of modern French doors. The steel construction ensures a tight seal that will reduce your energy costs.

All French doors from EuroStar are available with clear glass, vented, crystal-etched and with brass trim to create the look you’re looking for your home. EuroStar offers many other options to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your French doors. The steel construction of the exterior is maintenance-free, so you can enjoy your doors instead of having to work on them.

If you’re considering French doors, steel is a material you should consider.

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