Installing Vinyl Replacement Windows

Installing vinyl replacement windows will increase the appeal (and value) of your home and reduce your heating costs. With the right preparation and a capable assistant or two, you can complete this job yourself.


Installing Vinyl Replacement Windows

The first step to installing vinyl replacement windows is to remove the old window and window frame. First, carefully remove the inside trim and moldings with a broad chisel and cut through any nails holding the window in place. Check to see if the frame is in good shape. If the wood has rotted, it will need to be repaired before the new window is installed. Use a claw hammer to pull out the nails if necessary. Remove any spring balances or weights carefully from the old window, and cut away any caulking and remove the window. Clear away any leftover debris around the frame.

The next step in installing vinyl replacement windows to prepare the opening for the new window. Fill in empty cavities with insulation. Spread a generous amount of caulk to the outside edge of the stool as well as the bottom sill.

Now you’re ready to begin installing vinyl replacement windows. Lift the new window into the opening, making sure to center it in your window frame. Drive a nail part way into the upper right hand corner of the window frame, and use a level to ensure it is square with the frame. Your shims will help you keep the window in place at this point.
Before you complete installing vinyl replacement windows, check to make sure the window works from the inside correctly. The window now needs to be held in place with 3 inch nails through the flange. For the greatest energy efficiency, install installation around the window frame before you add the trim pieces to the window.
Now that you’ve finished installing vinyl replacement windows, don’t forget to drop off the old pieces at your local landfill site.