Know your terminology on steel entrance doors

If you’re in the market for a steel entrance door, this handy guide will help you understand each part of the door and its function.


Steel Entrance Doors

There is a lot more to steel entrance doors than the door itself. The door is mounted into vertical posts along the sides of the doorframe, known as jambs. It is on these posts that the door hinges are mounted, and where the door bolt extends into the frame to keep the door closed or locked. Rounding out the doorframe is the lintel or header, which is the horizontal beam above the door that acts as a support for the wall above it.

There are also structural elements to steel entrance doors at the ground level. Most doors are built with a sill, a beam that runs below the door to support the frame. Built into the sill is a small doorstop to ensure that the door does not swing through the frame when closed, which could damage the hinges. The entire unit, consisting of the door, frame, threshold, and weather stripping, is known as the entry system.

Steel entrance doors can be built to open to the left or right. For the purposes of terminology, it is based on which side the hinges are on when viewed from the inside. For example, right hand doors have their hinges on the right side of the door from the inside.

Other terms for steel entrance doors relate to design features. Sidelites refer to panels along one or both sides of the doorframe. They often feature glass or stained glass inserts. Transoms describe the panels above the lintel, and often contain glass to let light into your home while still maintaining your privacy. Box, arch, and ellipse designs are available.
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