Let the star lead you to the most energy efficient windows

Follow these five steps if you’re currently looking to purchase the most energy efficient windows available.


Most Energy Efficient Windows

1) Look for the Energy Star label on the windows you purchase. The Energy Star symbol represents the most energy efficient windows you can buy.

2) Not all windows are created equally. Canada has been divided into four climate zones by the federal department of Natural Resources. Windows sold in each zone must meet certain standards to be granted the Energy Star label. All of Southern and Eastern Ontario falls into Zone B. The label should indicate that the windows are Energy Star qualified for the area you live.

3) Make sure to ask for the most energy efficient windows when you place your order. Ask questions of your window retailer, and ensure they offer windows that meet Energy Star standards.

4) Make sure your windows are properly installed. Having the most energy efficient windows won’t help you if the installation is not perfect. The best way to ensure proper installation of windows is to have them installed by trained professionals to manufacturers’ specifications. This also ensures that your warranty for your windows is not voided. When hiring a company to install your windows, look for a company that has been in business for many years, and ask for references.

5) Keep your receipts and Energy Star labels. The most energy efficient windows may be eligible for provincial or federal tax rebates. Ask your salesperson for more details on how you can obtain rebates for your new windows.
Installing the most energy efficient windows will reduce your home energy costs by as much as 12 percent.