Prepare Before Installing Vinyl Windows

Knowing what features to look for is important when installing vinyl windows.

When you are installing vinyl windows, the insulation quality of the frames is almost as good as wood. Modern vinyl windows also have better weatherstripping that minimizes the amount of air leakage.


Installing Vinyl Windows

You have many styles to choose from. Gone are the days when installing vinyl windows meant having a dark brown frame. Some are available in a wide variety of colors, and can even be purchased with woodgrain overlays. There are several designs to choose from, including horizontal sliders, single or double hung, and hopper. Best of all, they are virtually maintenance-free once installed.

There are other design factors to consider before installing vinyl windows. You should look out for windows made from UPVC, or PVC without plasticizers. This newer type of material is better able to resist UV rays that led to some cracking, peeling and expansion and contraction in earlier PVC windows. Another factor is how the window frame is assembled. Welded designs are preferable to those screwed together, as the welded windows have an air pocket, which helps with energy efficiency.

One of the most critical factors in installing vinyl windows is measuring the current window. Most windows are custom built, and if you measure incorrectly, you could be stuck with a window that is too small or too large. You want the closest fit possible, both for looks and for efficiency. To measure the width, raise the lower sash and measure the width near the top, at the middle and close to the bottom of the window.

Installing vinyl windows can be easy with the right preparation.