Bi-Folding Doors

Are you looking for a unique way to divide the space in your home? Trying to create a way to join your indoor and outdoor space? Tilt And Turn Ottawa bi-folding doors can help you achieve both! Bi-folding doors can increase the size of your living space by opening it up to the outdoors. With Tilt And Turn Ottawa bi-folding doors you can revel in up to 17 feet of a clear view.

Every home’s design is different, that’s why Tilt And Turn Ottawa provides numerous customization options for you! You can choose 3-7 panels in various arrangements. The panels can be a mix of tilt and turn an standard door panels joined together.


Bi-folding doors offer top notch security for your home. Once they are closed you can rest easy knowing your home is secure. The bi-folding doors come with a multi point locking system and anti lift mechanisms to discourage unwanted intruders. The amount of locking points depends on the size of the door you choose to install.

These convenient doors can be opened where one panel is used, the same way you would use a standard door. The rest of the panels stay in place and act as walls separating the room from the outdoors. Bi-folding doors let fresh air to circulate throughout your home. If your home’s design needs a wider door space you can use two panels as French doors.

The bi-folding doors system was designed for easy use. You can simply open the doors by turning the handle on one panel and the rest of the panels will then stack on top of one another. By choosing to install a bi-folding door system you can join your indoor and outdoor living spaces!

Features of Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s Bi-Folding Doors System:

• Numerous options are available including single, double or triple glazing with both interior and exterior glass laminated, in order to obtain an overall glass thickness of one and a half inches.

• The number of panels and their sizes are customized specifically to fit your home.

• The bi-folding door system comes equipped with smart tilt and turn mechanisms that can be managed independently of the other panels. The turn panel is used as an entry door for everyday use, while the tilt placement of the panel lets fresh air into your home.

• The door system is easy to use as the handle and its easy glide track system lets the panels slide evenly and stack in an organized manner on the sides of the door.

• The doors come in over 44 different wood grains and in hundreds of different solid colors allowing you to find the perfect fit for you home!

• Every panel folds in a space saving manner and easily slides to both sides of the door.

The bi-folding doors can be installed as a window or door, depending on your home’s design. These doors can be installed for commercial or residential use. For example, they can be used as classy space dividers in large buildings or restaurants to divide certain seating areas.

To differentiate your home’s space or allow a beautiful view of the outdoors from the inside choose Tilt And Turn Ottawa bi-folding doors for your home!