Double Hung / Double Slider

Considered a traditional window style, the double hung window has an upper and lower window sash (panel) that slides vertically past one another in a single frame.

Both the top and the bottom sashes have the ability to open. The top sash slides down to the fixed bottom sash or the bottom sash slides up to the fixed top sash. The top sash is lowered to let warm air escape and the bottom sash is raised to let in cool air.

Double hung windows or double sliders are ideal for verandas, walkways or patios because they can be opened without blocking any exterior space.

Double Hung / Double Slider

Furthermore, double sliders are sliding windows that slide or roll horizontally on a track; both sides can be operated from left to right or right to left.

Double hung and double slider windows are aesthetically pleasing, easy to operate and require very little to no maintenance at all.


Double hung and double slider windows have been chosen by many of our customers for their durability and appearance that blend well with all interior designs.

  • Tilt And Turn Ottawa windows are low maintenance. The window profiles are made from virgin uPVC powder compounds resulting in a finish that has better resistance to impact and discoloration. uPVC frames also do not crack, blister or warp.
The locking and opening mechanisms parts have corrosion-proof finish for resistance to rust.

  • Tilt And Turn Ottawa frames are fusion welded for their attractive appearance which eliminate the need for adhesives and sealants. Fusion welding ensures the frames are 100% watertight and airtight.

  • Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s patented drainage system drains water faster and more efficiently than the other systems currently on the market. Resulting in no leaks and moisture.

  • Energy Efficiency. 
Triple or quadruple weather stripping ensures air tightness and consequently, no drafts or energy loss. You can expect a comfortable interior environment without abrupt temperature changes, or dust and dirt making its way through your windows.

  • Your choice of double or triple glazing for durability against extreme external conditions. The windows are able to withstand strong winds up to 375 km/h (235 mph).

Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s double hung and double slider windows are a worthwhile investment, not only for your comfort and security but also because of their superior quality. This can help preserve your home’s long-term structural integrity as well as add to its value.