Garden / French Doors

Trying to brighten up your home and add a unique feature to your home? Tilt And Turn Ottawa garden and French doors are an outstanding option for your home! These beautiful doors allow natural light to brighten up your home.

Natural light flowing throughout your house adds value. When home buyers are looking for a house to buy, the amount of natural light in a property is important to them. A bright space is inviting and relaxing.

By investing in Garden/French doors in your home you can open your space to the outdoors.


Previously,  the French door was designed as a pair of doors hinged at the sides and opened in the middle. Now there are other hinge and multiple panel options available for you to pick from.

Benefits of Tilt And Turn Ottawa Garden / French Doors:

1. Designs that will increase the look and value of your home.

2. Comes with a sliding screen door that will allow fresh air to flow through your house. The screen will also protect your home from dust and airborne debris. The screen comes in white or it can be painted to match your doors.

3. The effective temperature insulation of Tilt And Turn Ottawa doors provides significant energy cost savings. The temperature insulation reduces heat transfer during the summer and winter months. Our doors are Energy Star rated! Natural Resources Canada`s website states that “an Energy Star model can assist in reducing energy consumption costs by 10-40% when compared to a conventional product.

4. Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s Garden/French Doors are available in various colours as well as your choice of steel or fiberglass slabs.

5. The doors are maintenance free!

When considering new garden or French doors for your home choose Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s doors as an appealing, durable and energy efficient alternative to sliding patio doors.

Garden French Doors Specifications

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