Lift & Slide Doors

Bring the outside in with lift and slide doors by Tilt And Turn Ottawa! Lift and slide doors are an impeccable option to let natural light into your home while providing a clear and maximum view of your yard or veranda!

Lift and Slide doors are related to sliding doors, the difference is that these doors are supported by levers and wheels to lift the heavy panel away from the sill to let it to run smoothly. This is a tremendous contender when trying to open up your home to large areas of up to 20′ wide, using only 2 panels.


The lift and slide doors are a strong option if you’re wanting to open up your home into the outdoors. These doors offer a perfect view of nature or your yard that would be a great addition to any patio. The lift and slide doors come in many sizes and configurations and can be customized to fit your design needs.


Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s lift and slide doors move easily and do not require immense effort to open. The levers and wheels push the panels off the sill and away from the weather stripping. Since the panel raises there is decreased drag and wear of the weather seals. Conventional sliding doors usually allow increased drag which detriments their longevity. Since Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s doors reduce dragging and weather seal wear their performance ranks superior. Lift and slide doors only rest onto the wheels while in motion. This prevents flat spots and snags when maneuvering your door to the needed location.

Once the door has arrived to the location you require, the panel will lower, the door will lock and the weight of the panel administers regular contact between the floor and the seal. This allows for optimal security, airtightness and water resistance.


The perks of having lift and slide doors are as followed:

• The View – Lift and slide doors provide an optimal view of up to 20′ wide and 8′ high.

• Appearance – There is a wide variety of lift and slide doors that correlate with your home’s design, whether you prefer traditional, sleek or modern.

• Easily Operated– These doors move effortlessly while opening and closing making them simple to maneuver to the desired location.

• Space – Lift and slide doors take up less space compared to traditional doors that swing in and out to open and close, this allows for more space for furniture and décor.

• Energy Savings – Prime sealing of lift and slide doors make them one of the top energy saving door products available to consumers. This will eradicate heat transfer during the summer and winter seasons.

While recalling the many benefits from installing Tilt And Turn Ottawa lift and slide doors, there is also one more factor you should remember. Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s lift and slide doors are available various styles, colours and sizes. You will easily be able to find a style that suits your home’s design perfectly.

Call today to speak with an expert Tilt And Turn Ottawa specialist for more information on lift and slide doors for your home!

Lift & Slide Doors Specifications

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