Tilt & Turn French Doors

Tilt And Turn Ottawa French doors are quality and unique doors that add character to your home. They can be designed to your exact specifications while offering superior security and durability.

Usually, French doors are double doors hanging in one frame that opens in the middle. Tilt And Turn Ottawa also offers single French tilt and turn doors to accommodate your home’s design.

Tilt & Turn French Doors


Controlling a tilt and turn French Door requires only one lever. All of the three functions are executed using the doors’ handle.

•Turn – The turn mechanism is used to open the door to provide optimal ventilation and easy access to and from specific areas. Tilt And Turn Ottawa tilt and turn French Doors can be opened in two different ways. The first way is to open only one panel of the door while the other side remains closed and locked. The second way is when both panels are opened up to 180 degrees, heightening the amount of fresh air coming into the room.

•Tilt – The door at its tilting point allows for continuous ventilation without undermining security as the bottom of the door is securely locked. You can also tilt open one panel to allow fresh air in or to release hot air out of the room. The tilt function allows optimal airflow while preserving a safe and secure area.

•Closed – When the tilt and turn French Door is in a closed position it provides 12 locking points to provide you with superior security and an airtight fit.

Other Features

•Tilt And Turn Ottawa Tilt & Turn French Doors come in two, three or four panel layouts. You can choose if you’d like to have double or triple pane window glazing for energy efficiency and to eliminate sound.

•Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s tilt and turn French doors come in various sizes of up to 8’ in height and 16’ in width in multiple arrangements.

•Tilt And Turn Ottawa French tilt and turn doors come with a retractable screen. There is also an optional roll-up screen.

•There are many designs available that will highlight your home such as wood laminations (both for interior and exterior), including walnut, oak and mahogany.

The Tilt And Turn Ottawa French tilt and turn Doors are basically maintenance free! These doors will provide you with a lifetime of high caliber quality and stability. Call a Tilt And Turn Ottawa Door product specialist today to talk about Tilt And Turn Ottawa French tilt and turn doors for your home!

Tilt & Turn French Doors Specifications

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