Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt And Turn Ottawa tilt & turn windows are a versatile window system that is popular in many countries and are suitable for individual homes or apartment blocks.

Tilt & turn windows tilt inwards at the top, while the bottom side is locked. The windows open to the inside like a door, which makes it easy for cleaning. It also serves as an egress (emergency) window.

These windows can open from 90 to 180 degrees depending on the designed installation. If you need less than a hundred percent ventilation, you can adjust the opening as desired.


Tilt And Turn Ottawa tilt & turn windows are popular among new homebuilders as well as those looking for replacement windows. They are easy to use, very durable and provide many benefits to the homeowner.

As an example; Tilting the window inwards by 150mm allows fresh air to enter the room, while avoiding rain and intruders. Fresh air enters through the sides of the window, meanwhile hot air escapes through the top. Tilt and turn windows can be easily operated by using one hand.


Reduced energy costs.

Tilt And Turn Ottawa windows multi-chamber technology results in an enormously lower heat transmission value and reduces energy consumption and cost.

Sound insulation.

Persistent noise in your home can have a lasting effect on your health. Noise is a stress inducer, and not everyone lives in the idyllic country. In urban areas where road, rail and air traffic exist; outside noises are heard inside the home, mainly through the windows.

In many respects, older windows represent the weak point. Your home should be a haven of peace. A place where you can escape the thermal noise of everyday life. Persistent acoustic stress can have far reaching consequences: poor concentration, depression, insomnia, and learning disabilities in children.

Sound insulation starts with competent advice and achieves a perfect end with the proper installation. Keeping out disruptive noise Tilt And Turn Ottawa Windows. Treat yourself and your family to peace and quiet and see the difference our windows make. Sound insulation is one of life’s qualities that you can really feel.


Tilt And Turn Ottawa window profiles have excellent insulation performance that ensures a slight difference in overall room temperature compared to outside conditions.


Tilt And Turn Ottawa tilt & turn windows have full screens and offer optional blind systems on the inside. The blinds can be adjusted to your desired coverage of the glass pane.


In addition to the strength of uPVC, there are no gaps between the frame and the sash where any intruder can insert a tool to forcibly open the window. Tilt And Turn Ottawa tilt & turn windows meet resistance class 2 in its capacity to resist forced entry.


uPVC is available in many shades. Tilt And Turn Ottawa profiles are available in over 300 colours allowing you to create an aesthetically pleasing effect, and match your home colour scheme.

Customized features.

We offer a variety of customized features to suit your requirements, including various options in terms of colours, handle types and glass type designs including decorative grills or privacy glass.

Investing in high-quality windows adds to the value of your home or properties. Tilt And Turn Ottawa’s high quality but low maintenance tilt and turn windows can maintain their great appearance for many years.