Replacement Windows in Toronto

There are all sorts of replacement windows in Toronto, but EuroStar Windows is top of the line. We provide replacement that will add class and elegance to your home.

Replacement Windows in Toronto

Replacement Windows in Toronto

Our assortment of replacement windows gives you lots to choose from and our associates will help you by explaining each one in detail. If you have any questions or concerns, our helpful employees are there to assist you in any way possible.

We offer a number of different replacement windows in Toronto to choose from. The Casement/Awning window has triple weather-stripping that provides extraordinary airtightness, which in turn will help reduce your heating and air conditioning bill. It can also accommodate glazing of almost all types of thicknesses, including single, double, triple and Low-E glazing along with a glazed decorative panel (1/8” to 1 3/8”). There is a choice of maintenance-free uPVC exteriors available for brick or for board walls. We also have a choice of maintenance-free uPVC jamb extender frame moldings, and there are corner blocks available to enhance the finishing. The Casement/Awning Window styles are the most popular replacement windows in Toronto on the market today. They have a contemporary look, along with excellent ventilation characteristics. Awning windows can be set in rows, or can be put with other windows to make striking walls of light and glass.

Another one of our replacement windows in Toronto is the Single/Double Slider Tilt Window. There are interior glazing beads as part of this window that represent a fundamental security feature, allowing the window to withstand winds over 330 km/h. With double walls of the sash, it gives the window increased sound reprieve qualities and strength.

When it comes to choosing replacement windows in Toronto, we also have our Bay and Bow Windows. The Bay and Bow Windows are a distinctive architectural statement, which will help you capture the view. These windows are perfect for opening up a smaller room with a limited amount of wall space, or using it as your architectural focal point.

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