Tips on How to Paint Vinyl Windows

Although they are meant to be maintenance free, the time may come when you want to paint vinyl windows. Review these tips carefully before heading off to the paint store.


Paint Vinyl Windows

Most vinyl windows come in light colors such as white or almond. The lighter colors reduce the amount of heat buildup that can lead to bending and cracking of the vinyl frames. However, light colored frames may not always look attractive on your house or building, especially if the siding or brickwork is a darker color.

One solution is to paint vinyl windows. However, this can be tricky because vinyl tends to expand and contract, and traditional paint compositions cannot bond with the vinyl. There have been several new formulations introduced in the last few years that are designed specifically to the vinyl material.

You should be careful when selecting the color to paint vinyl windows. Choosing a color that is darker than the original frame can cause greater buckling and distorting of the window frame. Most manufacturers recommend you choose a paint color no darker than the frame you are painting over.

If you paint vinyl windows, the coat should last longer than painting a wood window frame. Painting is a more desirable alternative to installing aluminum cladding over your vinyl.

Here are a few other tips if you plan to paint vinyl windows:

  • Make sure the surface you’re painting on is clean and dry.
  • Clean off any mildew with oxygen bleach solution.
  • If you can, paint on cool, overcast days instead of in hot and sunny weather.

Make your decisions carefully, as most warranties become void when you paint vinyl windows.