Vinyl Basement Windows Stylish and Practical

Vinyl basement windows are a great investment in your home that will pay off in many ways over time.


Vinyl Basement Windows

Vinyl basement windows are an ideal choice for your lower level windows, as they are more frequently exposed to moisture than upper level windows. This is especially a concern in areas that get snowfalls over the winter. Over time, this can rot out wood framed windows and rust steel windows. If you currently have leaks or drafts in your windows, it is time to consider purchasing vinyl basement windows.

Vinyl basement windows are virtually maintenance-free. They will never have to be painted or stained. All you need to do is clean the frames periodically with soap and water. Vinyl windows are also more energy efficient than steel or aluminum frame windows, and almost as efficient as wood framed windows. Most modern vinyl windows are double paned for greater energy efficiency and noise protection.

Your new vinyl basement windows will also keep animals and other pests from entering your house. The airtight windows will keep bugs and rodents out of your basement, and ensure that bugs or termites don’t nestle in the window frames.
Today’s vinyl basement windows come in a variety of designs and colors. You can have your windows made with various grid patterns etched into the glass, as well as stained glass. These variations offer a more attractive alternative without substantially altering the amount of light in the room. More frame colors have become available in recent years. In addition to white and brown, most window manufacturers offer almond and sandstone finishes, while some offer an even wider variety of colors.

Get several quotes before purchasing vinyl basement windows.