Why Choose Bi-Folding Doors in Ottawa by EuroStar?

Bi-folding doors offer your home a truly unique look in Ottawa. Bi-folding doors offer more than just high aesthetic appeal, though. Are you interested in bi-folding doors in Ottawa? Finding the right supplier and installer of your bi-folding doors might seem difficult, but Tilt and Turn Ottawa is here to make it easy. If you’re planning on purchasing bi-folding doors in the near future to complete your Ottawa home, read our blog below to learn everything necessary for a successful process!

Combine Your Home and The Outdoors

Bifolding doors give your home a truly unique experience. Bifolding doors in Ottawa give you the luxury of inviting the outside in, by combining your indoor and outdoor space. Moreover, bi-folding doors will maximize your indoor space, as they open up towards the outside, ensure that no furniture or walls will be disrupted upon opening or closing your doors. Enjoy up to seventeen  feet of undisturbed view to the outside! Maximize the beautiful view of Ottawa through the inside of your home with bi-folding doors.

Added Security

Bi-folding doors do more than just offer high aesthetic value. Bi-folding doors from Tilt and Turn give you the highest form of security. Rest easy knowing that your bi-folding doors are working to protect you and your family from any potential dangers. There are a high amount of locking points in each bi-folding door, more than your average run of the mill door.

Ease of Use

Bi-folding doors by Tilt and Turn in Ottawa are universally adored for their extreme ease of use. By simply turned the bi-folding door handle on the panel, the other panels will start to stack on top of one another.

Extra Features!

Bi folding doors offer many extra features that other door models do not. For example, single, double, or triple glazing on the interior or exterior is available. Your panels and panel amount can be fully customized to meet your specific home needs. Choose from 44 different wood grains and hundreds of colours to make the perfect match for you!

Want bi-folding doors for your Ottawa home? Call Tilt and Turn today at (613) 731-6224 for more information!