Wood Windows: beautiful and practical

While there are many choices of materials available for window frames these days, no material is able to match the look and feel of wood windows.

Wood Windows

Wood Windows

They compliment almost any style of home from traditional to contemporary. Unlike other frame materials, wood windows can be painted or stained to match the décor of your home. It is generally easier to order custom-sized frames from wood without having to pay a higher price premium.

When maintained properly, wood windows can outlast any other frame material. They will not warp or twist, so your windows will operate dependably for many years. Should any part of the window frame break, it is easy to replace the assembly by screwing in new parts. Materials such as red cedar are suitably durable to withstand attacks from fungi and insects. Wood windows are tested by independent laboratories, and most exceed industry standards for wind and water penetration. Many carry the Energy Star logo recognizing superior energy efficiency.

Wood windows are a smarter choice for the environment as well. Wood is a superior thermal insulator than any other material used for window frames, which will save you money in energy costs. Wood frames also require less energy to produce compared to alternatives such as vinyl and aluminum. They also are made from a renewable resource.

Wood windows have been around for many years and remain popular because of their style, beauty, and energy efficiency. With the right maintenance practices, your wood windows will give you years of trouble-free ownership.